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We have a large selection of dog friendly hotels with over 25,000 to choose from worldwide.  Easily find a dog friendly hotel as all of our results are "pet friendly only" and you can cost compare and find the best prices available.

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Pet Friendly Hotels and Travel

By Jax

Hello, my name is Jax.  First, a little bit about myself. I was rescued from a Kill Shelter located in Indiana and now live with my new family in Massachusetts.  My family rescued me from  I love my new family very much. I am so happy now!  I just love to travel with my family and cannot wait until our next trip.  I also love to go to the park, and go on walks with Rob.  I love playing in the yard and just hanging around the house with Artie.  I also love to take a nap after going on a long walk or playing catch in the yard.

Jax Photo3If you're quite attached to your pets as my family members are with me, travelling without us becomes a nuisance. To appeal to this requirement there are many hotels, over 25,000 to be exact all over U.S. and worldwide that are pet friendly. is a pet friendly only site that provides you the finest deals on hotels and offer you with an easy cost comparison search to find the best prices available anywhere.

Make sure you check out the pet travel tips here to get some helpful tips on cars, flights and hotels to make your travel easier for you and your pet.  Below are some current photos of me.  Also check out the dog parks so you can take your friend to the park on your next trip.  Thank you for stopping by!

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